How To Influence Parliament

How can you begin to influence the UK Parliament and get your voice heard?

How do you contact your MP?  What does the House of Lords do, and how can you contact them?  What are the different ways in which MP’s and Lords can raise issues on your behalf?  How do we make our laws, how does legislation get passed through Parliament, how can you influence that?

Find out how to take action and make an impact on decisions made in the UK Parliament.  You will discover the tools your organisation can use to influence debates, decisions and legislation.

You will also learn how to build effective relationships with MP’s and members of the House of Lords.  This session is perfect for those wishing to be heard and make a difference on the issues that matter most.

Find out all this and more with this interactive session, featuring discussions, debates, quizzes, activities and real life employment law and workers’ rights examples.

The course is run in conjunction with Parliamentary Outreach and will run from 10am – 3pm on the 4th December.

You need to use the new electronic system to book:

Tuesday the 4th of December:

This training is open to all UNISON Members.