We Need More – NJC 2022

Times are tough, but you’re always better off in a union.

UNISON, as part of the trade union side of the NJC for local government services along with Unite and GMB, have submitted their 2022/23 pay claim.

The joint unions are looking to secure a raise of £2,000 or the current rate of RPI – whichever is greater – across all spinal column points for workers delivering some of our most essential public services.

In addition, the claim also seeks improvements on mileage and working from home allowances and improvements for term-time workers.

Over the past 12 years, NJC staff have lost on average 27.5%from the value of their pay when measured against the Retail Price Index (RPI) measure of inflation.

The latest Foundation Living Wage rates mean that Local Government is now competing in a labour market where many comparable employers are paying more to entry level or low paid staff – with the bottom three NJC pay points now falling below the £9.90 UK Foundation Living Wage rate.

Council and school staff are at breaking point. They need more in their pay packet to pay for food, for housing, for fuel.