Back Pay for Regrades in Council Care Services


Before the division of the council (LGR) there were some job roles in social care including Domestics and Cooks that were on a Grade 5 and below that were due to go through a regrade.  These came to a standstill because of the disruption caused by the reorganisation.  There is now going to be a review in June 2023 to look at all outstanding regrades. UNISON are pressing for these particular job roles to be selected as a priority before others. The current cost of living is unacceptable, particularly for those staff on lower grades of pay and we believe that this needs to be addressed urgently, or the situation with our low paid members will only get worse.

Rest assured, the current regrade applications still need to come to panel, which UNISON is currently pushing for as a matter of urgency. Backpay will be secured if these applications are successful , which means those staff within those job profiles will get back pay from the date the application for regrade was lodged with the Council, plus they will get a pay increase going forward.

UNISON recognises the outstanding work carried out by you, our members, in social care, so much so that UNISON managed to retain the Market Supplement (which was to be stopped from 1st April 2023) so that your pay has continued at the level it was before the reorganisation. UNISON continues to campaign for this.

It is understood there is talk of a potential equal pay claim for some care roles at this moment. Please be aware that an equal pay claim could take several years and, potentially, be unsuccessful because there is already a robust Job Evaluation scheme in place. There is currently little evidence to point towards an equal pay claim but please rest assured UNISON is monitoring this. A regrade is a considerably shorter process and has the advantage of money in your pocket much quicker and when it is needed most, particularly given the Cost of Living Crisis,  not several years in the future.

Can you afford to wait years to get better pay?  Do you need a pay increase now?

Let’s work together to get improved pay……PAY THAT YOU DESERVE!