URGENT Action Required – UNISON Equal Pay

UNISON has been at the forefront of equal pay claims up and down the country over decades, with members receiving £millions in compensation.  UNISON takes the matter of Equal Pay extremely seriously and have relentlessly led on campaigns, pursuing employers and exposing discriminatory pay practices.

UNISON has made our position very clear to your employer, at the time it was implemented and recently, that we do not endorse nor like the current job evaluation scheme and we have always made this clear.  We have written formally to your employer on more than one occasion to raise our concerns throughout the re-organisation process and we are taking part in extensive discussions to ensure our preferred scheme is used moving forward in the new authorities. These discussions are progressing well.

However, we need to be clear that just because we believe something is flawed and unfair, may not mean the process is unlawful.

UNISON is currently investigating the possibility of equal pay claims that may have existed prior to the recent re-organisation and are currently undertaking a rigorous assessment of any such claims.

To ensure UNISON are protecting the legal rights of members, and to assist with the information gathering process, UNISON intends to trigger Early Conciliation in the near future on behalf of UNISON members. Early Conciliation (EC) is the process that is required to be undertaken prior to lodging a claim with the Employment Tribunal. The deadline is Friday 29 September 2023.

To be included in the Early Conciliation process by UNISON you must act immediately.  It is a requirement that you complete a case form.  If you wish to continue to be involved in UNISON’s work on this issue and agree that UNISON can trigger Early Conciliation on your behalf as required, please complete the attached UNISON Case Form and return it to enquiries@unisoncumbria.co.uk by no later than midday on Wednesday 27 September. If you have more than one job that may be affected please complete a form for each job.

Triggering Early Conciliation does not necessarily mean UNISON will pursue this issue further than the EC stage.  However, it will allow UNISON additional time to continue with their investigations and will enable us to request further information from the employer directly and via ACAS.

We believe that this issue relates to female members working in predominantly female job roles so please do speak to your colleagues to ensure they are aware of the work that UNISON is doing on this matter and encourage them to complete a case form and send it to us prior to the 27 September.

Please make sure we have your up to date contact information including email address and that you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with this campaign.

Please find 2 Case Forms below.  You can either amend using word or you can print off the PDF to complete and scan and email to us or send via first class post to UNISON, 3BC Englishgate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1RP.

If you need any help with anything or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PDF Case Form

Word Case Form