Additional Information Requested For Potential Equal Pay Claims

If you have recently filled in the streamlined Case Form indicating that you wished to be part of a collective equal pay case, in order to progress your case, we now need some further information.

This includes the following:

  • Your terms and conditions i.e. your Contract of Employment, that you should have received when you began working for the former Cumbria County Council,
  • Any documents you may have received confirming your grade, job title or any changes to your pay and grade throughout your employment,
  • Any documents confirming the transfer to your new employer,
  • Sample pay slips (3 as a minimum) and ideally from each year between 2017 to 2023,
  • If you were employed prior to the implementation of Single Status that took place around 2011, any documents received confirming what grade you would transfer onto.

Please can you provide these documents before Monday, 20 November 2023.

We are continuing to investigate your potential claims for equal pay. We are also continuing to liaise with your employer in order to seek further information and once our investigations are complete, will write to you to confirm our findings.

If you do not have ALL of these documents, please forward as many as you do have or can get hold of.  If you don’t have a copy of your Contract or access to Payslips, please contact HR/Payroll on 01228 223333 to request copies.

If you have multiple claims for different roles, please provide copies for both roles.  If you would like to speak to the Branch about anything relating to Equal Pay, please call us on 01228 583530 or email us at