Equal Pay FAQ’s – Latest

What if I haven’t already completed a Case Form?

It is still possible to be part of the current equal pay claim if you submit a Case Form by 28 November 2023. If you are not a member you can still be part of the claim but you must join by 28 November 2023 and complete a Case Form by this date.

What if I can’t find a copy of my contract, will it affect my claim?

No, not necessarily. Your employer should have a copy of your contract, and UNISON will seek to obtain copies of contracts for members from your employer during the proceedings if members cannot locate them. However, please do all you can to locate documents for yourself as this will save time at a later date and it is good for you to hold a copy of all your employment related documentation.

I can only find payslips going back 3 years, is this ok?

This is fine; UNISON is looking to gather as much information about the pay grades and scales in the former Cumbria County Council as possible. Whatever information that can be provided will assist UNISON in analysing the pay grades and job roles. UNISON will seek from employers pay slip details for the duration of members employment.

Will it affect my claim if I cannot provide the information requested?

No. As mentioned above, if a member has a valid claim, UNISON will seek to obtain the information to support the claim from the employer. We may only be able to tell if you have a claim once we have assessed your job role, so any information about your work and pay practices that you can provide will be helpful. The more information you can provide, the better.

My manager has told me that Supervisors shouldn’t be included, is this correct?

If you believe you have a claim then fill out a case form and provide the requested documents and you will be included in the claim.

Payroll have said they only have payslips back to 2018, will a P60 do instead?

Payslips will provide a comprehensive breakdown of how a person is paid throughout the year, while a P60 will show how much a person has been paid in a given tax year. While P60’s are helpful, the more payslips that can be produced, the better.

Other Trade Unions have only asked members to fill in a form, why are UNISON asking for more? Do we really need 3 payslips per year going back to 2017, last equal pay claim it was 3 in total.

UNISON want to gather as much information as possible to give our members the best chance of a successful claim. Having more information enables UNISON to have a better understanding of the job roles and the pay grades, and gives the legal team assisting UNISON the best chance of making successful claims on members behalf. UNISON would rather have more information about the pay grades and job roles in the former Cumbria County Council rather than too little.

How long will the claim take?

This is a difficult question to answer. Equal pay claims are notoriously lengthy and take time to resolve. The claim could take several years. We will ensure that you are updated as the matter proceeds.

Who is the comparator?

We’ve had suggestions varying from bin men, road sweepers, gritters, street lighters etc.  UNISON are currently investigating this and have identified that Highways roles and grounds maintenance are likely to be comparators.

How do I submit my documentation?

A new email account has been set up equalpay@unisoncumbria.co.uk for you to send all your equal pay documentation.