Join UNISON for Workers Memorial Day


No-one should ever head out to work and not come home again.

Imagine the absolute heartache of a loved one rushing out of the door to go and do a shift and never seeing them alive again.

That’s the importance of health and safety at work. It’s not to do with bureaucracy or red tape – it’s about making sure that you can do your job of employment free from the risk of death, disease or illness.

On Worker’s Memorial Day we remember all those that have been killed while doing their jobs – and reaffirm our commitment to reducing the risks of workplace injury and accident, be it by physical or psychological harm.

Your trade union is here to ensure that collectively we stand together on pay, on conditions and on your health in a working environment. The trade union movement stands together on days like Worker’s Memorial Day to display the solidarity of working people. It is a very physical and real representation of the slogan: ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’ that forms the very basis of trade unionism.

At UNISON Cumbria we were very honoured to have our General Secretary Christina McAnea and a number of other national and regional officials attend the Worker’s Memorial Day event in Carlisle last year.

We are proud to again stand alongside our friends and colleagues from the other trade unions in Cumbria in laying wreaths to honour all working people that have lost their lives on the shop floor – and to continue improving the working lives of our members in schools, hospitals, local government, the ambulance service, the police force, care homes, and throughout the public sector.

Worker’s Memorial Day takes place this Sunday 28th April with events in Carlisle and Barrow in Cumbria. The Barrow event is at ‘the Book’ on Duke Street at 11am. The wreath laying ceremony in Carlisle meets outside the Crown & Mitre hotel at 11.30am. Union banners and flags will be on display. Come along and stand with your colleagues under the purple and green and remember the dead – and fight for the living.