Member Training Programme

UNISON provides a wide range of learning opportunities for our members. Our courses can help you:

  • develop self-confidence
  • teach you about yourself
  • become more active and involved around issues that concern you
  • tackle change and uncertainty at work
  • progress your career
  • learn for fun and personal development

Many courses are free and you may be entitled to time off work to attend them. They are designed to be friendly and informal, with practical exercises and no long lectures or exams.

UNISON has a network of Learning Representatives who can offer guidance and signpost you to local courses.

If you would like to know what workshops are available in your area, or believe your colleagues may also be interested, please contact your regional education team for assistance and we can arrange courses dependent upon local interest.

Wednesday Workshops

2 hour workshops for any existing, new or potential activist who wants to start building Unison power in the workplace.

All the workshops take place over Zoom and at these times 11:00pm – 1:00pm and 3:00pm – 5:00pm

8th September, 6th October and 3rd November

Workshop One – Building a Powerful Workplace Union

What is the ‘Union’ and how do we organise it?

This workshop will explore key aspects of a union organised workplace and the role you can play in raising Unison’s profile to build a stronger union.

15th September, 13th October and 10th November


Workshop Two – Understanding your workplace union

Identifying the issues that matter to you and your workmates!

The starting point for building power is having information about your workplace. We will discuss techniques and good practice in assessing

the strengths and weaknesses of your workplace union and the role of collective issues in building a powerful workplace union.

22nd September, 20th October and 17th November


Workshop Three – One to One Conversations

The path to power!

The best way of convincing people to join or become more active in Unison is to have one to one conversations. The workshop will show you techniques in how to conduct these discussions successfully.

29th September, 27th October and 24th November


Workshop Four – Running a Campaign

Campaigning to win!

Unions should be about achieving change in the workplace, this workshop will you how to run a successful campaign and demonstrate union power!