We’re Worth More

UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA STAFF – VOTE YES IN THE UPCOMING HE PAY BALLOT UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA STAFF – VOTE YES IN THE UPCOMING HE PAY BALLOT Imagine watching the sun set over the countryside with a cold cider in your hand or feeling the hot sand squeeze between your toes as you walk along a […]

We Need More – NJC 2022

Times are tough, but you’re always better off in a union. UNISON, as part of the trade union side of the NJC for local government services along with Unite and GMB, have submitted their 2022/23 pay claim. The joint unions are looking to secure a raise of £2,000 or the current rate of RPI – […]

Local Government Reorganisation

LGR Latest These are uncertain times for local government workers in Cumbria. The disbanding of Cumbria County Council and the District councils to create two distinct Unitary authorities – Cumberland covering the north and west of the county and Westmorland and Furness covering the south and east – has left many council workers like you […]

Cumbria Demands Better

Everything’s going up but our wages. Government is doing nothing
while living standards plummet, companies like P&O unashamedly
break employment laws and our public services run on empty. Working
people across Cumbria have had enough.
Join union leaders, workers and the community to hear about the
movement’s latest campaigns and discuss how we come together to
fight the cost-of-living crisis.

General Data Protection Regulation

UNISON has been updating resources following recent changes to the law on data protection and the earlier changes on the collection of political and campaign funds. This includes updates to all UNISON membership application forms. The previous standard application form has been split into two forms to ensure they are compliant with the new legislation […]