Claim Tax Relief on Laundering Your Uniform

Did you know you can claim tax relief if you wash the uniform given to you by your employer, unless your employer provides a laundering service for you and you chose not to use it and wash your uniform yourself. You must have paid tax to be able to claim tax relief .

The amount you’re able to claim tax relief on depends on your industry. The standard Flat Rate Expense Allowance (FREA) for uniform maintenance is £60 (for 2018/19) – so basic-rate taxpayers can claim £12 back (20% of £60), The £60 is a flat rate, so you don’t need to record and report the individual amounts you spend.

Most people can claim back within the past four years, so back to 2015 – plus the current year (five years all together) – if you’ve been wearing the uniform all that time. So a basic-rate taxpayer, claiming the standard uniform allowance for 2015-2019/20, could reclaim £60 in total.

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County Branch Tax Claim Form 2019-2020

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