Additional Information Requested For Potential Equal Pay Claims

If you have recently filled in the streamlined Case Form indicating that you wished to be part of a collective equal pay case, in order to progress your case, we now need some further information. This includes the following: Your terms and conditions i.e. your Contract of Employment, that you should have received when you […]

Equal Pay FAQ’s

What is an Equal Pay claim? Broadly, the law says that that a woman is entitled to be paid the same as a man (and vice versa) in the same employment doing equal work unless the employer can point to a genuine material explanation for the difference which is not based on sex. Equal pay […]

URGENT Action Required – UNISON Equal Pay

UNISON has been at the forefront of equal pay claims up and down the country over decades, with members receiving ¬£millions in compensation. ¬†UNISON takes the matter of Equal Pay extremely seriously and have relentlessly led on campaigns, pursuing employers and exposing discriminatory pay practices. UNISON has made our position very clear to your employer, […]